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What is Reiki Therapy?

​Reiki originated in Tibetan Monasteries as a method of bio- energy self-healing. Derived from the Japanese words Rei (spirit connected/ God consciousness) and Ki (universal life force energy), Reiki is a hands –on, holistic process where this positive energy is shared through the practitioner to the client in need. The goal of a Reiki healing (session) is to pass positive energy through the 7  main chakras  (energy centers) of the body to overwhelm the build up of negative energies from emotional and physical issues.  

Few things to know about Reiki
Reiki works with energy, which passes through clothing, so disrobing is not necessary.  The healing can be performed hands-on or hands raised several inches above the body, whichever is most comfortable for the client.

Reiki is effective on spiritual, emotional and physical plane and can be used to alleviate discomfort, illness or pain. The average Reiki healing last from 40-60mins.  Click here for pricing.