Testimonial: Chronic Pain

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​Chronic Pain

I visited Way of Life Acupuncture to find relief from an injury that I sustained in 2009. It has been a chronic injury ever since. With virtually no relief from western medicine other than anti-inflammation pills and pain killers, I was ready for an alternative approach. After watching a friend overuse pain killers for a similar injury and die prematurely from complications, I believe there is a lack of follow-up or concern with western medicine in general.

Going to a national board-certified professional like Dr. Christine for acupuncture, you receive a wealth of knowledge and options at her fingertips. The results are incredible, and just as another patient stated, the benefits extend beyond the physical also enhance mental harmony. With an increased energy level and on a full activity level, I am very pleased to endorse the effectiveness of these treatments.  Lastly, Dr. Christine follows your progress closely, and will actually answer your questions in depth well beyond regular medical practices where patients leave with a handful of prescriptions and unanswered questions. Way of Life is committed to this healing process and is passionate about it on a personal level which shows in her success with happy patients.  I have referred friends and family to her.  I give her an “A+ Satisfaction" rating and A Way of Life Acupuncture is a premier opportunity for local residents.”

~ Eric Ernstrom, PVB 

Chronic Lower Back Pain

​"My range of motion improves after my visits and this allows me to contribute more physically to my own life which is tremendous! I'm incredibly satisfied and grateful. All of my experiences have been wonderful; I can't think of anything that could make it better because I've not felt like anything was lacking. A Way of Life Acupuncture has truly been a gift to not just my physical ailments but also to my mental well-being in the simple way they truly care about my pain, the possible causes, the possible solutions, and the gentle, caring hands and heart they use to help heal. I've been suffering from chronic lower back pain for years and feel like I've tried close to, if not everything to deal with it. With getting no real length of peace and comfort from physical therapy, injections, ablations, etc., I decided to give acupuncture a try.

The emotional relief I experienced just from feeling my body respond, almost electrically, to the areas of treatment was quite overwhelming. I say emotional because after years of nothing helps, I could literally feel my problem areas reacting/responding to the points that were being worked on during my first visit and it was like a weight being lifted off of my soul. To feel for years that I was too young "ish" and healthy "ish" to feel almost incapacitated doing the simplest things like daily chores or playing with my dogs, was taking more of a toll on my psyche than I realized.

I can say that I've noticed positive physical results from my visits and have expressed my happy praises to those closest to me that have watched me suffer as well as anyone that has mentioned any type of chronic problems they have. Their environment is calming and relaxing and the staff I've encountered have been wonderful! I'll continue this path as much as possible and for as long as possible and I strongly suggest that anyone needing any type of healing also give this a try.​"

​~ MJ Jax

Chronic Arthritis 

"This was my first visit to an acupuncturist. I had heard it was a helpful treatment for chronic arthritis. The doctor was so kind and explained each of the treatment options and a health plan to fit my needs. There was no pain from the needles, and I honestly felt better when I left. They did not pressure me to add more treatments than were necessary or to buy products. 

This was my first visit, but it will not be my last. I am very happy to find a place like this, with very knowledgeable and caring personnel."

 ~ Susan Fronhe