Spine Surgery Alternative

"I was diagnosed with a "surgery needed to repair" on my spine. I took a cruise and discovered acupuncture. I couldn't wait to get home and find someone to help me locally. I cracked that nut, you rock Dr. Christine, I would send people to you anytime.

I am 70 years old and still working, some of it physical. I work on eye doctor equipment, including heavy chairs and stands that hold all the instruments. I also am still restoring a 1974 VW thing and a 1952 M38 military jeep. Try doing THAT after spine surgery.

I am highly satisfied with the overall level of care. I have also purchased an inversion table that seems to aid the effects of the acupuncture."

~ Capt. David W. Lee

Testimonial: Alternative to Spine Surgery

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Spine Surgery Alternative

"I have diagnosed a herniated disc in my L5 and a bulging disc in my L4 after experiencing what I thought was a strained muscle. Not wanting to have surgery, and having studied eastern methods of treatment I sought pain management via acupuncture ILO of an invasive procedure or medications.

​After 6 weeks of weekly treatments, I had full mobility and have only had to change my routine marginally. I have a very active lifestyle where I work out routinely daily and enjoy surfing, martial arts, and landscaping. My pain is under control and I only tend to be sore after doing something rigorous.

10 out of 10. I continue to get treatment to maintain my current status and enjoy the same lifestyle and outdoor hobbies that I have always enjoyed but was terrified I would lose.

​Modern medicines definitely have their place, but traditional treatments and holistic methods are much more suitable for your overall health and improvement. In lieu of just treating your symptoms, they actually help you to heal. Acupuncture is something I have turned to several times in the past, but I am truly astonished at how well it worked on my spinal issues. Truly amazing."

~ Robert Kovacs

Over 40 Years Acupuncture Experience