How Herbal Therapy Can Help.

Herbal Therapy offers wonderful benefits to patients, especially if used alongside acupuncture, cupping, or gua sha. These formulas provide benefits to your acupuncture sessions and offer assistance to your body between your sessions. 

Patients may be able to use herbal therapies alongside prescription medications. We do not recommend stopping existing medications without consulting with your doctor. Herbs can be used alongside prescription medications and it is important to let our doctors know of all your medications to ensure there are no contraindications between your medications and any herbs. Herbs are suitable for people of all ages and will be adjusted to age and weight as needed. If you are pregnant, please speak with your acupuncturist.  

At A Way of Life Acupuncture, we only offer the highest quality products for our patients. All herbal formulas are tested by the manufacturers to ensure nothing is in the products that should not be there. We offer an assortment of therapies that work alongside all of our services, helping you to achieve your goals. 

Herbal therapy consists of individual herbs or formulas as a treatment for various symptoms. They may also be used in preventative medicine to help keep your body strong. Herbs have been used alongside acupuncture for thousands of years. In China, most consume herbs through teas or incorporate the herbs into foods to consume. 

Feel Better. Enjoy Life. 

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