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​An ancient Chinese medicine scraping technique was usually performed with a jade stone, antler horn, or porcelain spoon.  The friction from the scraping tool causes adhesions to break up and aids in the circulation of Qi and blood; thus promoting healing.  Gua Sha can also be used at the first sign of illness to reduce future severity.

When done properly petechiae and ecchymosis will appear. Petechiae are small red or purple spots on the surface of the skin because of micro bleeding in the vessels of the skin. With continuous Gua Sha, the petechiae gradually blend into areas of ecchymosis, which is skin discoloration caused by the escape of blood into the tissues from the ruptured blood vessels

  • Dark Sha: chronic blood stasis
  • Light Sha: stuck blood due to recent penetration
  • Sha comes up quickly: low Wei qi or regular alcohol consumption
  • No Sha: pink or blueish color on the skin
  • If pain is gone after treatment but returns quickly: blood deficiency

Conditions treated by Gua Sha: include asthma, bronchitis, colds and flu, muscle strains and sprains, muscle spasms, Fibromyalgia, and general pain.  Gua Sha may also be used on the face using a gentler scraping technique. Facial Gua Sha encourages lymphatic drainage, collagen production, relieves facial muscle tension, and improves blood circulation.


  • The rash will disappear in 2-3 days. If the rash disappears quicker, blood circulation is good. If it takes longer to go away, there is a lack of circulation.
  • Avoid sun, wind, and keep the area covered until the "she" has faded
  • This rash is caused by a retention of pathogenic factors, which stagnate vital qi and blood.

Contraindications: in areas of abrasion or bruising or in extremely deficient patients

Gua Sha