Dr. Gretchen has had extensive training in Taishi Shoni-Hari Pediatric Acupuncture (aka Shonishin) as taught by Masanori Tanioka sensei both here in the states as well as at his multigenerational family-run clinic in Osaka, Japan.  Treatment is done entirely non-insertive utilizing very specialized tools developed by Tanioka sensei that are lightly brushed or “scratched” over the surface of the skin along meridian pathways to create change and balance in the Qi/Ki flow of the channels. 

The energy in a child’s system is very active and so it is very responsive to treatment and typically does not usually require nearly the level of stimulation or the length of time that an adult’s system requires in order to affect change.  These gentle techniques of the Taishi Shoni-hari system are well suited to pediatric patients as they are comfortable, soothing, and relaxing, and often children will have quick and dramatic results.

Taishi Shoni-hari treatments are best suited to children from newborn through around 12 years of age.  Conditions often treated in children include but are not limited to:
·       Sleep issues
·       Headaches
·       Abdominal pains
·       ADD/ADHD
·       Asthma
·       Coughing
·       Anxiety
·       Weak immune system – tend to catch colds easily
·       Constipation or Loose stools/diarrhea

Let us help your child feel better using acupuncture. 

Pediatric Acupuncture

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