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Tui Na and Sotai Bodywork Therapy

Tui Na is a Chinese form of Medical Massage therapy and Sotai is a system of active resistance style exercises developed in Japan.  Both are rooted in the same philosophy and framework as acupuncture but instead of needles the practitioner uses manual techniques to affect change in the body and both techniques compliment an acupuncture treatment plan or can be used as a stand-alone treatment approach in order to work with conditions of the musculoskeletal system. 

Dr. Gretchen was a western trained massage therapist prior to beginning her study of acupuncture and has continued to deepen her manual therapy training in these specialized techniques from China and Japan for more than a decade.  Aside from the bodywork training that was a small part of her acupuncture schooling, she has had further training master teachers here in the US as well as in Vietnam and Japan.

Over 40 Years Acupuncture Experience