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Ankle Pain

"My ankles were hurting so bad that the pain would make me use a walker every other week. I had five acupuncture treatments, I have not needed my walker. I was really skeptical of acupuncture but my wife convinced me to go, glad I went. I have been extremely satisfied with the results, I would encourage anyone to see Dr. Christine. I am extremely happy with my experience."

​~ Ernest Boada

Carcinoid Tumors / Ankle Issues 

"I started acupuncture to help with carcinoid tumors and issues with my ankles.  Since having acupuncture, I have a feeling of wellness and smoothness leading to relaxation and cessation of ankle pain.  I continue referring friends and family to A Way of Life Acupuncture as I have been very satisfied with the quality of care."

~  Carolee Bertisch, Ponte Vedra, Florida 

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Testimonial: Ankle Issues