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"I started seeing Dr. Christine for Acupuncture in March 2013 for infertility, and by May of 2013, I was pregnant.  Here's my story!  I was a 31-year-old healthy female who was surprised to find out I was infertile after 1 year of trying to conceive naturally. My OB-GYN referred me to a Fertility Specialist where I was told I do not ovulate often or regularly- thanks to mild PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) as well as Stage 3 Endometriosis.  After an operation, I was endo-free and ready to try conceiving again with the help of our Specialist. We tried ovulation meds for 4 months, Follistim injections for 3 months, and then naturally again for another 6 months. No pregnancy. And a lot of pain.  When we hit our 2-year mark of trying to have a baby, we decided to get another Specialist's opinion. When we met with him, we were told the only way we would get pregnant was through IVF (Invitro Fertilization). Although we were saddened to hear this, we were willing to think about it. The cost and the actual procedure itself were a lot to take in and we were scared. 

There was one thing we hadn't tried, and I just felt the need to rule out everything before attempting IVF, and that was Acupuncture. I had heard of it, good things too, but wasn't sure if it could help someone in my particular situation.  I met with Dr. Christine one afternoon for a consultation and told her our entire history of trying to get pregnant. She was very familiar with my conditions, which was nice. She was so sweet, I felt like I had known her for years already. The atmosphere was so relaxing, comforting, and clean.  Dr. Christine asked me to give her a few months before scheduling our IVF, and I gladly agreed to it. What an amazing few months it was. Not only did I notice a HUGE change in my stress levels, but I also noticed a big difference in my monthly cycles. I was having less pain each month, and my cycles (for the first time since my teens) became regular! I looked forward to every visit and completely committed myself to my weekly appointments. 

After only 3 months of Acupuncture with Dr. Christine, I found out I was pregnant.  And it happened NATURALLY! No medicines, no procedures, and no stress (emotionally or financially).  I am now 3 months along and continue to see Dr. Christine on a weekly basis. I have had a very good pregnancy thus far and can't help but to think that she has something to do with it :-) 

My decision to try Acupuncture was the best decision of my life. Words cannot describe how happy I am that I found her when I did. She changed my life and I will never forget the look on her face when I got to tell her the news.   Thanks, Dr. Christine! I can't wait for you to meet our little angel baby!"

~  Courtney Kessler, Ponte Vedra, Florida 

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