Testimonial: Multiple Pains in Body

Multiple Pains in Body

"I suffered from multiple pains in my body.  A friend of mine recommended acupuncture as a possible way to alleviate these pains.  They mentioned seeing Dr. Christine Yastrzemski and told me of her professional assistance with very good results. I discussed my health situation with Dr. Christine at length and she advised me on the procedure and what can be
done.  She started the acupuncture treatment and after only three sessions, I felt noticeable improvement.  Even my medical doctor was surprised by the unexpected results and improvements of the condition which Dr. Christine is treating.  My experience with Dr. Christine Yastrzemski is that she is highly professional with a pleasant personality." 

~ Mousa O., Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida  

Pain in arm / Lower back Pain / Stress 

"I have been going to A Way of Life Acupuncture for several years. I first went there to treat pain in my left arm that was caused by an injury. After that, I went for my lower back pain, and to relieve stress. I found Dr. Christine to be very knowledgeable. She took the time to understand the condition and to make sure she knew where it was located. She also was willing to take time to answer questions. She has even taken time in between appointments to answer questions. I found Dr. Christine and her staff to be courteous and pleasant. The acupuncture treatments I have received have worked, so if you are looking for an alternative treatment, I suggest you give A Way of Life Acupuncture a call to see if they can help you."


Multiple Pains in Body/ Neck pain/ Mobility 

"​I was referred to A Way of Life by a friend who knew how much pain I was in, so she texted Dr. Christine and they fit me in THAT DAY! The doctors have been Awesome and after just over a week and a couple of visits, I have made dramatic improvements in my neck pain & mobility. In addition, if you haven't tried their "Pain Relief Mixture with CBD Oil", you are missing out on wonderful pain relief. I will never buy another "Icy-Hot" type product again & thank the staff VERY much for helping me recover! Thank you A Way of Life Acupuncture!! 

​~ Mark Nixon 

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​​Tendinitis/ Head Cold/ Aches and Pains/ Tiredness 

"​I have been healed in many ways. No more aches and pains. 10+
Acupuncture works!!!! As a patient for 30 years, I am a true believer. A Way of Life Acupuncture is a fabulous facility. If you have never had acupuncture and are afraid of being pricked….don’t be. The needles are very fine. Please try this treatment if you “are at the end of your rope”, sick of taking drugs, and are open to alternative treatments. You will not be disappointed!" 

​~ Sue LF

​​Neck Pain / Low Back Pain

​​"Dr. Lorenson is always able to successfully address whatever aches, pains, or problems I’m experiencing. She has eliminated my neck pain, and low back pain, and has helped me to sleep more restfully. Her professionalism and bedside manner are unparalleled!"

​~ Melissa Cromer

Over 40 Years Acupuncture Experience