Sciatic Nerve Pain

"I came to A Way of Life Acupuncture with severe sciatic nerve pain that radiated to my groin and upper right leg (hamstring) and buttock.  I could not walk more than 200 yards and had severe right leg weakness and occasional collapse of the right leg.  After 6 months of treatment, I had 100% relief of pain and returned to all normal activities, including golf, tennis, and cycling.  I am very comfortable referring friends to A Way of Life Acupuncture and am 100% satisfied with my treatments." 

~  Joseph Antelo, St. Augustine, Florida 

Shoulder Pain / Sciatic Pain

"I came to A Way of Life Acupuncture for unbearable aches and pains in my shoulders and right arm. I went in on a Monday afternoon for treatment.  Within 30 minutes of my first treatment for my left shoulder, I felt so much better.  The pain was not so severe and I was able to look over my left shoulder and drive.  By the next day, I was 100% pain-free. 

My next treatment was on Friday of the same week for a follow-up visit.  Within 48 hours, I was 100% pain-free and the pain in my shoulder and right arm has not returned.  A few weeks later, I began having pain in my right hip from my sciatic nerve.  The pain was so bad I could not roll over on my right side and at times I could not walk.  I went back to A Way of Life Acupuncture for treatment.  When I arrived, I was in tears and Dr. Christine immediately began to work on the pain.  Within 15 minutes, the pain had let up enough to allow me to relax so she could continue with the treatment.  By the end of the treatment, I was able to roll over on my side and walk without any pain.  Along with the treatment, Dr. Christine provided creams and supplements.  Within a week, I was pain-free and could function again without fear of the pain. 

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Christine for acupuncture, as she has made an acupuncture believer out of me.  I am very satisfied with my treatments as they were wonderful and so relaxing.  After Dr. Christine has all the needles in me, I am able to nap for the rest of my visit.  It is a great place."

~  Margaret Brannen, Jacksonville, Florida 

Sciatic Nerve Pain

I had chronic sciatic nerve pain in my leg.  I had been to an orthopedist and a chiropractor prior to my visit with Dr. Christine. Neither was able to provide relief. A friend had mentioned that he had success with acupuncture. I found Dr. Christine through Angie's list and made an appointment. I met with Dr. Christine for a little while to discuss my problem and she was great at explaining her treatment. She was professional and reassuring. I felt comfortable with her as soon as I met her.

I had 3 treatments with her prior to my traveling to New York and Hawaii. The trip consisted of more than 25 hours of flying time, and plenty of driving. Prior to her treatment, I would have been in terrible pain during most of the trip. I am happy to report that I experienced no pain in my leg for the entire trip.  I couldn't be happier with the results of her treatment."

​~ Dan Klei, St. Augustine 

Sciatica Nerve Pain/ Sleep Issues

“Dr. Christine is so wonderful! She got me through my pregnancy with all my sciatic nerve pain and sleep issues. I absolutely love her!”

~ Meg Prodehl 

Sciatic Nerve Pain 

"I had never considered acupuncture before in all of my 57 years.  However, I started suffering from sciatic nerve pain (starting in my lower back and shooting down my right leg all the way to my foot), for about 6 months that continued to grow progressively worse.  I am not big on doctors, but, when the pain started to affect my ability to walk, I finally went in to see my medical doctor.  After the gamut of x-ray's, MRIs, etc., surgery was being recommended.  I decided to check less invasive options first.  I went for soft tissue manipulation.  This only doubled my pain. 

Then, I heard about acupuncture.  I researched info on the Internet and discovered: "Way of Life Acupuncture" with Dr. Christine Yastrzemski.  I was impressed with her educational background and her website. After just the first session, I was sold.  The pain diminished by almost half.  I felt relaxed and energized at the same time.  With each session, I feel better.  I have been going about a month and plan on continuing a maintenance schedule.  My symptoms are 95% gone!  What else can I say?  I haven't felt this good in years!  Dr. Christine also has great advice and herbs, oils, and creams to help with other types of problems.  I feel like I discovered the "fountain of youth"!"

~  Mary Ellen Mulligan, Jacksonville, Florida 

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Sciatic Pain/ Migraine/ Sleep Issues 

“I couldn’t sleep last night and had a terrible migraine. I called the office and they were able to get me in the same day around 5 pm. I went through the motions of the rest of the day in pain. And gladly went over to see her. My migraine is gone along with the sciatica pain in my leg and I got good sleep for an hour.”

~Lisa Paryani 

Testimonial: Sciatic Nerve Pain

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