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Cancer Therapy/ Anxiety/ Stress/ Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer

"The Physician Assistant at my Oncologist’s office referred me due to my diagnosis and request to seek supplemental therapies. My Oncologist is totally supportive of Acupuncture as complementary care to my cancer treatment.

My acupuncture sessions help to relieve bone pain, anxiety, depression, and stress and support strengthening my immune system while facilitating overall well-being related to living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. 

​I’m extremely satisfied with the doctors knowledge of treating cancer patients. They thoroughly explain how, in addition to easing bone pain and fostering relaxation, sessions focus on energy flow to kidneys and liver for blood purification from medications and toxins. The spa-like ambiance is aesthetically pleasing and the entire facility is spotless. I feel totally safe and comfortable. The only downside is having to awake and drive back home after such a relaxing experience!"

​~ Laurel H. Mandarin  

Cancer Therapy

"My husband had cancer. The acupuncture that my husband received from A Way of Life was a game-changer on his quality of life after he started chemo. It helped with his stress, pain, nausea, and provided him peace. He loved the whole team at A Way of Life and their support. My husband felt like a part of the A Way of Life Family. They were very thoughtful and considerate at every appointment. They went out of their way to accommodate him when he wasn't feeling well or his chemo schedule changed. I really can't say enough good things about the level of care and service he received. Thank you for all you did for Jim! I have already referred to so many family and friends to Dr. Christine."

~ Anne Borngesser 

Cancer Therapy/Nausea/Anxiety/Blood Count

“The doctors are amazing, they take the time to really listen to you. Our 14 y.o. son is receiving proton radiation treatment and chemotherapy. He is experiencing severe nausea and anxiety. The doctors are helping him to feel significantly better. His hair is hurting him as it’s falling out, his throat is hurting, Acupuncture he is feeling significantly better. As the chemotherapy is hard on his bone marrow before we started the Acupuncture, the Complete blood count was dropping, just after 2 weeks of Acupuncture, his numbers stabilized and even got slightly better. We are very grateful. The office is very understanding of our difficult situation and helped us in any way that they could. We are very grateful. Thank you.”

​~Janko Taliga 

Testimonial: Cancer Therapy

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