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Loss of Mobility in Arm / Frozen Shoulder / Stress

"Having experienced the wonders of acupuncture in my past, I immediately thought of acupuncture when I lost a majority of mobility with my left arm. I was only able to lift it to a 90-degree angle.  My life had been rather stressful and I was also feeling discomfort in my neck and shoulder area which is the location where I hold my stress.  Massages were not helping in relieving the pressure and the mobility of my frozen shoulder. My immediate action was to find my old acupuncturist, who I trusted, only to find she had retired. My search continued and I found Dr. Christine.  The combination of her caring nature and technical knowledge gave me comfort that I had found with another caring acupuncturist.  My first session was met with a peaceful environment, conversation to discuss my ailment, and other things that could be affecting my troubled body.  Dr. Christine's care in the application of the treatment was delicate and thoughtful.  After my first treatment, I found relief.  After additional treatments, I regained full mobility of my arm and found a sense of calm.  I recommend being treated with acupuncture.  The science of eastern medicine is very old and makes a great deal of sense.  It helped me not once but many times.  I am very happy with the results and continue to refer people to Dr. Christine.  I am very happy that I have found my acupuncturist."

~  Naomi Olenek, Ponte Vedra, Florida 

Testimonial: Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen Shoulder/ Pain Management

“The doctors have been excellent helping me navigate pain management and self-care with debilitating frozen shoulder. Their research and willingness to offer a new treatment to help me through have provided for a safe haven for a mid to long-term syndrome for the not faint of heart. Their techniques and multiple offerings are my go to’s in my crazy life. Thank you!

 ~Alice Suave