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Monthly Treatments 

​“Fantastic acupuncture therapy & service! Dr. Christine is very thorough and really takes the time to educate patients. The needles are no longer a fear... In fact, I look forward to my appointments and the feeling of relaxation post-treatment!”

 ~Avanika Grover 

Monthly Treatments

" Just got out of a Doctor's appointment with a cardiologist and bloodwork showed good improvement in LDL and lower cholesterol. I had a reaction to stations and they recommended a red yeast and Coq10 that had a great impact with no side effects. Thanks so much! 


​~ D. Clerke 

Monthly Treatments

​“Dr. Christine Yastrzemski and her fellow acupuncture physicians are incredible. Their work and results are exemplary! Her reputation is recognized throughout the City of Jacksonville, the Beaches area, and beyond. Her office is just across the street from the Mayo Hospital ER. She is accepted and certified to work in any medical facility in the area and beyond.

To date, I have worked with three previous acupuncturists, and Dr. Yaz has been the best. I typically see her every 3 weeks and I am amazed each time how much better I feel after the appointment. I believe for whatever physical challenges you may face, Dr. Yas will most likely have a solution.”

~M. Drake 

Monthly Treatments 

"I was referred by a coworker, not sure what I should have expected considering that was my first acupuncture session. everyone in the office was very professional, friendly, and caring. Dr. Christine, the acupuncturist, had a welcoming demeanor. I was so pleased with the service that I received that I already have my next session scheduled." 

~ Molina Jacques

Monthly Treatments

“I started here for a piriformis issue - which was resolved in three visits - and has never come back! But I loved the treatments so much that I have continued to go usually 3 -4 times a month for any sports-related pain as well as, stress, allergies - simply the best all-around health support I have ever found.”

~Andrea Rosenblatt 

​Testimonials: Monthly Maintenance 

Monthly Treatments 

​ ​"My experience at A Way of Life Acupuncture was extremely comforting. The entire office was warm, clean, professional, inviting, and exuded a calming presence. Dr. Gretchen was welcoming and very attentive to my issues. Her practice included not only needles but also, pulse measurements, acupressure, and moxibustion (which I've never experienced). I felt extremely safe and well cared for in her expert hands. Her knowledge and communication skills were reassuring and spot on. I've had acupuncture before but, never in such a calming and expert environment. The treatment I received gave me immediate results and more importantly, relief of symptoms. I am going for a follow-up appointment. I highly recommend this location and any of their accomplished doctors"


Monthly Treatments

"Dr. Christine and her team are amazing!! I’ve been going for monthly treatments with Dr. Christine for several years and each time I leave I feel exponentially better. She is patient in understanding how I’m feeling when I arrive and then tailors my treatment to address specific areas based on that assessment. Dr. Christine’s treatments are an integral part of my health regimen and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

~ Marcus Perez