Labor Issues

“I have been a patient at A Way of Life Acupuncture for over a year.  I was a week overdue and wanted to have a natural childbirth.  I would have had to be induced if I did not go into labor within the week so I made an appt to have a treatment to see if labor would start in a more natural way.  My appt was in the late morning and I went into labor about 10 hours later.  My labor was fabulous!  One hour of contractions with only the last 10 min being intense.  I believe the treatment helped open both my body and mind to giving birth to my son.  I was able to labor peacefully knowing my body was in charge and having respect for it.  Honoring our bodies is so important and I believe taking that time out for myself that morning was the key to moving forward in labor. I am very comfortable referring friends and family to A Way of Life Acupuncture.  I feel that Dr. Christine has been able to help me in whatever brings me to the office.  She has a genuine desire to help people.”

~ Katie Hnath, Ponte Vedra, Florida 

Testimonial:  Labor Issues

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