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Sinusitus / Nausea / Restless Leg Syndrone

"Christine is an outstanding provider, professional, thorough and compassionate in all regards. She completely resolved my issues in several visits. She treats a wide array of medical and wellness issues and I plan to continue her services for such quality of life issues as weight control and anxiety. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

​~ Steven Yablonski, Jacksonville

Cough / Sinus Issues/ Overall Well-Being
"I came to A Way of Life Acupuncture suffering from a horrible cough, difficulty breathing, and sinus congestion.  I was looking to improve my overall health and strengthen my immune system.  Since having acupuncture, I am completely better.  I am not coughing, have minimal congestion, and no difficulty breathing.  I feel like my normal self and no longer need to stay in bed. I am able to care for my young children without difficulty.  I am very satisfied with the care received at A Way of Life Acupuncture.  I definitely recommend Christine to my friends and family."

~  Laurie, Ponte Vedra, Florida

Testimonial: Sinus Issues

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