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Testimonial: Jaw Dislocation

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​Jaw Dislocation

“I was hit by a basketball on the left side of my face and my jaw would slide out or dislocate at night while sleeping.  I went to my dentist who prescribed a bite guard, which did not help.  I also went to 3 different TMJ specialists who all recommended various expensive procedures or different bite guards.  One Orthodontist prescribed a muscle relaxer, steroid, and Naproxen.  None helped at all.  

After 5 weeks of waking up 2- 5 times every night, I decided to contact A Way of Life Acupuncture.  After several “needles” were placed in my legs, arms, hands, and feet, my jaw which was no longer aligned properly (my bite was off due to inflammation and my disk in the condyle joint was slipping forward), finally came aligned after 15 minutes!  Very slowly I was able to close my mouth with my bite properly aligned. The effects lasted for 3 days, which included sound sleep at night with my jaw slipping out only once.  After two more treatments, my jaw slipped only once since February 15th!  I am extremely satisfied with my treatments and the results.  I would absolutely recommend friends and family to A Way of Life Acupuncture.”

~  Paul Leone, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida