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Menstrual Issues / TMJ/ Shoulder Injury

"​​I had ongoing menstrual issues, TMJ issues, and was recovering from a shoulder injury when I began my journey with A Way of Life Acupuncture. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have gotten relief from chronic pain, which has improved my life tremendously through better sleep and less avoidance of things that previously hurt. It's also improved my social relationships as I'm more rested and willing/able to do more activities! There are no words to express how satisfied I am with my level of care."

~ Ashley L

Chiari Malformation with Syrinx / Migraines / Menstrual Issues

"Chiari Malformation with Syrinx is a fluid cyst on the spinal cord caused by crowding at the base of my skull.  The neurosurgeon said cranial decompression surgery was my only option.  I decided to try acupuncture.  Since receiving acupuncture treatments with Dr. Christine at A Way of Life Acupuncture, I have avoided the cranial decompression surgery and reduced the pressure on the spine, and eradicated the fluid cyst.  Within 6 months the cyst was smaller in size and by 1 year, the cyst was completely gone.  My neurosurgeon said there is no other case of the cyst going away without surgery.  (I have 2 MRIs that prove a complete reduction of the spinal cyst.) 

Prior to starting acupuncture, I also suffered severe migraines, extreme menstrual cramps, headaches, and vomiting before and during menstruation.   I have far less frequent migraines with regular stress management treatments. When I do have an active migraine, Dr. Christine is able to resolve the migraine that prior trips to the ER could not resolve.  Dr. Christine has also helped to alleviate the various menstrual issues.  I am very satisfied with my treatments with Dr. Christine and refer friends and family to see her."

~  Hollie McKitrick, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 

Testimonial: Menstrual Issues

Stress Management/Menstrual Issues

​​"I wanted to get under regular care with someone and a colleague had mentioned Dr Gretchen, I had never tried acupuncture before but think it's an amazing technique that clearly works as it has been around for 5,000+ years!!! SO glad I went! I am so much more relaxed and less reactive in life situations! This has helped my stress management in ways I cannot put into words! An overall general feeling that is night and day different from how I was before. The week before my menstrual would begin, I would get raging angry and had a hard time shifting out of this all-consuming mindset. My thoughts were very dark and low. I was easily aggravated by anything anyone did or said. As a chiropractor, I was getting adjusted and doing emotional stress-relieving techniques that definitely made a difference! After a couple of months with Dr Gretchen, I don't experience ANY of these thoughts or emotional swings anymore! I feel balanced through the month, which most women I'm sure will agree with me is not an easily achievable thing! Acupuncture has been a huge blessing to my health journey! Thank you, Dr Gretchen."

~ Dr Meg