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Chronic Lower Back Pain


​"My range of motion improves after my visits and this allows me to contribute more physically to my own life which is tremendous! I'm incredibly satisfied and grateful. All of my experiences have been wonderful; I can't think of anything that could make it better because I've not felt like anything was lacking. The doctor has truly been a gift to not just my physical ailments but also to my mental well being in the simple way she truly cares about my pain, the possible causes, the possible solutions and the gentle, caring hands and heart she uses to help heal. I've been suffering from chronic lower back pain for years and feel like I've tried close to, if not everything to deal with it. With getting no real length of peace and comfort from physical therapy, injections, ablations, etc., I decided to give acupuncture a try.

The emotional relief I experienced just from feeling my body respond, almost electrically, to the areas of treatment was quite overwhelming. I say emotional, because after years of nothing helping, I could literally feel my problem areas reacting/responding to the points that were being worked on during my first visit and it was like a weight being lifted off of my soul. To feel for years that I was too young"ish" and healthy"ish" to feel almost incapacitated doing the simplest things like daily chores or playing with my dogs, it was taking more of a toll on my psyche than I realized.

I can say that I've noticed positive physical results from my visits and have expressed my happy praises to those closest to me that have watched me suffer as well as anyone that has mentioned any type of chronic problems they have. Their environment is calming and relaxing and the staff I've encountered have been wonderful! I'll continue this path as much as possible and for as long as possible and I strongly suggest that anyone needing any type of healing also give this a try."

​~ MJ Jax

Stress / Lower Back Pain


​"I have been coming for two weeks now for acupuncture. My overall body is feeling better and I get less stressed at work and in traffic. The doctors are so caring and knowledgeable and take the time to explain treatments. I am very impressed so far with everything. I have had acupuncture many times, but it was not a nice environment like this. The place is lovely, clean, and cozy. They really make me feel like they care about my condition and want me to get better. I purchased the strongest pain relief cream. It is so smooth and I love the smell. Today I had a very painful lower back after house cleaning and vacuuming. I applied ice, without much relief. I applied the cream and I have relief now. I highly recommend A Way of Life."

​~ Carol C

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Foot Pain / Lower Back Pain / Pelvic Pain

"My first visits to Dr. Christine were related to discomfort in my foot. Subsequent visits were related to a lower back and pelvic (cementing) condition. The discomfort in my back and the pelvic area has greatly decreased. I have been given the ability to resume most of my activities and interests.  

I would give nothing but the highest marks and "grades" to Dr. Christine who is a caring professional practicing her craft with grace, intelligence, and understanding. I am very comfortable referring family members and friends to Dr. Christine."

~ N. Young, Cypress Village, Jacksonville 

Spinal Stenosis & Disc Herniations

​"I thought I had sciatica when I first began acupuncture sessions. I later found out that I have spinal stenosis and disc herniations. My life has been affected by this pain since October 2020. I couldn't walk, do house chores or barely move without excruciating pain in my lower back and legs. Deciding to try acupuncture has changed my life for the better. Through repetition of sessions, my pain has been relieved and my flexibility enhanced. I can walk without adjusting my gait and I'm able to do more everyday activities that we take for granted. I am even able to walk up and down the stairs in my home with greater ease. They have also provided me with alternative options such as X39, Eon, and Ice wave patches to use for instant relief. What a game changer!!!

​A Way of Life Acupuncture gets 20 stars!! They're all so kind, patient and the doctors actually LISTEN to you to help relieve your issue. I have nothing but thanks and praise for this AMAZING team of doctors. If you have any form of chronic pain, I suggest you make an appointment immediately. You'll thank me later! It's been an AMAZING experience and I volunteer to be your spokesperson!"

​~ Monique Weeks

Testimonial: Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain/ Stress/ Injury

​"I have been going to A Way of Life Acupuncture for several years. I first went there to treat pain in my left arm that was caused by an injury. After that, I went for my lower back pain, and to relieve stress. I found Dr. Christine to be very knowledgeable. She took the time to understand the condition and to make sure she knew where it was located. She also was willing to take time to answer questions. She has even taken time in between appointments to answer questions. I found Dr. Christine and her staff to be courteous and pleasant. The acupuncture treatments I have received have worked, so if you are looking for an alternative treatment, I suggest you give A Way of Life Acupuncture a call to see if they can help you."

​~Lee Mapes