Hip Pain/ Pain Relief

“Thank you, Dr. Sarah Thomas... I was experiencing extreme pain and I was recommended to try an acupuncture treatment; I was absolutely surprised with the pain relief after my treatment. Dr. Thomas was thorough in her evaluation of my hip pain and her treatment was effective along with ongoing recommendations of pain maintenance... Thank you, Dr. Thomas, "A Way of Life Acupuncture!!!!”

~ Kenneth “KJ” Jones 

Hip Pain/ Pain Relief/ Sleep 

“After my first session with Dr. Christine, my pain level in my hip was greatly diminished by like 75-85 % which is an incredible improvement... and again only after one session! I can get through my day and sleep through the night without taking Aleve! It is like magic how effective a good acupuncture practitioner is. I highly recommend Dr. Christine she was wonderful and her facility it’s one of the nicest clinics I’ve been to. The office is very quiet and calming, plus the treatment rooms are spacious and well-appointed!”

 ~Joi Perkins 

Testimonials: Hip Pain 

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