Loss of feeling in Pinky Finger

"I found myself at Dr. Christine's practice at the encouragement of my wife, who believed acupuncture could help me.  Over a period of time, I started to lose feeling in my small finger which was only exacerbated by a shooting pain and raised tendons in the palm of my hand.  Like most, I was skeptical that this form of medicine would help me.  I thought I would give it a try as I was tired of dropping things and was missing playing my guitar, as the discomfort was too much.  After my first treatment, I found some relief.  After additional treatments and other techniques which were applied as part of the practice, I regained full use of my finger and hand.  I found acupuncture to be an amazing form of medicine which I would consider using again to help aid other ailments.  Dr. Christine's knowledge of science is one that I trust.  I am extremely grateful for her help.  I am very satisfied with her treatments and refer others to her for help."

~ Sandro Malagola, Ponte Vedra, Florida 

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Testimonial: Loss of Feeling in Finger

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